REAL Journey Academies Highland Campus

REAL Journey Academies, Highland, CA

The REAL Journey Academies Highland Campus is the first of its kind in California, having been converted from a big-box retail store to full-scale educational use. The space includes a 108,000-SF tilt-up concrete building and 499 surface parking spaces. This adaptive re-use project houses a 400-seat middle school and an additional 800-seat high school that focuses on business and entrepreneurship. The new high school includes a hands-on career training center for the culinary arts. The focal point and theme for the RJA Campus is a vibrant student-centric environment with a dynamic feel that inspires learning, play, and creativity.

  • Start Date: November 2017
  • Completion Date: July 2018
  • Client: Red Hook Capital Partners & Charter School Solutions Real Journey Academy, LLC
  • Architect: Adrian-Gaus Architects
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