CBU Lancer Plaza Entryway

CBU Lancer Plaza Entryway, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA

The Lancer Plaza Entry Way included a new private roadway (Lancer Lane); arched overhead signage with connecting monument walls; a new Welcome Kiosk; and a courtyard/community gathering area that included hardscape, raised stage area, shade-sail structures, and bicycle and skateboard racks. The project also included a public street improvement project specific to the widening of the southbound lanes of Adams Street. The scope of work included asphalt roadway, striping, curb and gutter, raised medians, traffic signal modification, and signage. Also included was the demolition of existing roadway, curb and gutter, and landscape/irrigation, and all traffic control. This monumental project provides CBU with a beautiful, stately entrance to its campus, making students and visitors alike feel welcome.

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