CBU Health Science Campus

Health Science Campus, California Baptist University, Riverside, CA

This project was a renovation and revamp of a property for California Baptist University. With 15 buildings and 43,879 SF across 10 acres, this was quite the project. As you can see above, the food service area, or “Foodology” as CBU prefers to call it, houses a state of the art kitchen and restful eating area, including an outdoor patio as well. The radiology building is fully equipped with two X-ray machines for teaching purposes. The campus also boasts an environmental chamber, which allows a person to use a treadmill or stationary bike in varying temperatures while others monitor and evaluate heart rate, calories burned, etc. This project also included the install of 68,943 SF of permeable concrete, which collects storm water and allows it to seep into the ground below. This helps recharge the groundwater and reduces storm runoff. Along with that, a storm drain pump was installed, allowing for that water to either saturate the permeable concrete or collect in the basin on the west side of the property. This entire project was also successfully graded above the 12 foot (in diameter) city water line.

  • Start Date: March 2016
  • Completion Date: November 2016
  • Client: California Baptist University
  • Architect: HMC Architects
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