Employee Highlight – Jeff Bell

Jeff began his tenure with TS as a general contractor, filling gaps between larger subcontracts. After several years of this kind of partnership, Jeff joined the TS team as a superintendent in 2011. Jeff transitioned again into Project Management around four years ago, something he was fairly comfortable with considering his many years of GC experience.

For the last seven summers, Jeff has been managing all of TS’ work at California Baptist University. Considered “summer slammers,” these jobs require tight deadlines and long hours. Of these, Jeff says that working on the nursing program and all of the labs were the most rewarding, as he felt he was creating space for people to learn to help others. CBU equips and sends out health care workers all over the world, and Jeff considers being able to contribute to that as immensely rewarding.

For last year’s award-winning entryway project, Jeff is most proud of how the arch came together, as it was built offsite and put up overnight. Those elements created uncertainty, but thankfully things came together perfectly. That job was also tricky because so much work needed to be completed in such a small area all at once. Nine different trades worked simultaneously and ultimately contributed to a successful project. Jeff has a unique talent for bringing people together, arranging, and executing to near perfection and allowing success for all involved.

Jeff is an avid hiker, having scaled the majority of peaks that Southern California has to offer. He’s currently planning to hike “Cactus to Clouds” in April, which begins in Palm Springs and ends 9,000 feet and 12 miles straight up. He plans to bring several other TS employees along for the adventure, along with his constant hiking companion, Buddy.

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