CBU Pervious Concrete Installation

Pervious Concrete Installation at California Baptist University

Water Quality Management has become extremely relevant in the construction industry. It is necessary to address urban runoff quantity and quality to protect receiving waterways.

At California Baptist University, TSCI teamed up with Rick Engineering to build the required civil engineering to comply with this mandated process. What you see above details the gravel bed process that is a part of the 20” thick pervious section. This allows water to permeate the concrete layer, allowing the onsite water to drain through the concrete into the soil on the property of the university instead of running off downstream. This process consists of laying pervious concrete, sand, filter fabric, perforated pipe, and gravel. An element that made this job even more interesting was that the pervious section partially ran over a Metropolitan Water District easement, adding an additional 2” of crushed base to this section.

Compliance with these measures has become the standard in the industry.

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