Employee Highlight – Noel Gallegos

Noel Gallegos is presented with a photo collage of the Rancho Community Church Connecting Point Project, for which he was the project engineer.

Noel Gallegos met Chief Executive Officer Kevin Terry several years ago at church, and the two reconnected via LinkedIn in 2013. Noel and his family returned to Southern California from Alabama to join TSCI in 2014. Noel’s service in the United States Marine Corps has proved beneficial to his work, especially in the areas of organization, work ethic, and problem solving. Noel also has a degree in Business Management from The University of Phoenix. All of these factors brought him closer to his goal of becoming a project manager.



Rancho Community Church Connecting Point is a multi-use facility including a gym, chapel, classrooms, and school administration offices, as well as space for a future full service kitchen and youth room. The 75,000 square foot building has an extremely energy efficient design, utilizing the latest in technology.

To learn more about this project and others like it, please visit our Projects Page.

If you’d like to learn more about how a veteran can become an asset to your team, the “Hiring Our Heroes” website is a great resource for connecting veterans and businesses that need well-trained staff.

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